Business Segment

Business Segments

Brunsfield International Group is a technology-driven, Entrepreneurial Digital Enterprise, with a focus on strengthening its core expertise in end-to-end capabilities to deliver sustainable best value integrated services and solutions in its five key business segments:

1) Brunsfield Property Development & Engineering, Procurement & Construction (PDC)
2) Brunsfield Real Estate Investments and Management (REM)
3) Brunsfield Healthcare and Wellness (HWS)
4)Brunsfield Digital and Technology (DAT)
5) Brunsfield Global Trading and Investments (GTI)

Our strength is in our passion and capability to unite the diverse domains of expertise across the disciplines, powering us to operate as an integrated global value chain enterprise, with a digital platform ecosystem to deliver real value-added sustainable solutions and services that can enable our clients and stakeholders to succeed and thrive.